Exciting news!

The Free Medical Clinic of Darlington County and
Mercy Medicine Free Clinic have merged to create
Mercy Medical Free Clinics.

A new website is under construction.
For now, all services and locations remain the same.

We Believe. We Magnify.

Mercy Medicine Free Clinic has been serving Florence and Williamsburg counties for more than 27 years. Our employees and volunteers come together to provide free medical and dental assistance to low income, uninsured adults without healthcare benefits. Our goal is to maintain a free medical clinic founded on the Christian principles of love, faith and compassion.

Effective September 2021, we are now accepting applications from Marion county residents.

  • In light of the current national and local economic situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic Mercy Medicine is introducing the "Mercy Medicine Interim Care Program."...

  • Effective immediately, Mercy Medicine is unable to accept medications donations from anyone who is not a licensed health care provider. This includes both over-the-counter and prescription varieties...

  • Our newsletter, A Minute with Mercy, is created in-house and published twice per year and includes goings on here at the clinic. Vol 6 – Spring 2022 Vol 5 – Fall 2021 Vol 4 – Spring 2021 Vol 3 – Fall 2020 Vol 2 –......


To provide a free medical and dental home for low-income, uninsured adults from Florence, Williamsburg, and Marion Counties using Judeo-Christian principals of love, integrity and compassion.


To be the best faith-based quality healthcare provider in the Pee Dee area serving low-income, uninsured adults in Florence, Williamsburg, and Marion Counties.


Our strong core values that guide us are; love and respect, Compassion and integrity and cooperation and teamwork.

Together we join hands and help people in need.

This is only possible due to our 32 staff members which consist of medical, dental, and administrative professionals and along with our volunteers contribute many hours to the clinic. WE as a team believe that every person deserves healthcare provided with love, faith, compassion, and empathy.

Primary Medical Care

Primary Medical Care is the most visible and vital of all the healthcare services provided by Mercy Medicine Free Clinic. It consists of addressing many of the more prevalent health conditions that prevail throughout our region, such as diabetes and hypertension. We are fortunate to have a number of dedicated paid staff such as our nurse practitioners along with an outstanding group of volunteer physicians, a podiatrist, and a dietitian. Specialist care referrals are made as appropriate, usually with a patient copay.

Dental Care

The many indigent and working poor patients who come to us for dental services are unable to afford basic dental care. Dental care at the clinic consists primarily of treatment for pain and infection, including necessary extractions, and restorations (fillings). Dental care at Mercy Medicine Free Clinic is provided by volunteer dentists from our community. If indicated, we can help patients with the cost of dentures and partials.


In addition to its many other functions, the Mercy Medicine Free Clinic also features an on-site non-dispensing pharmacy. Also, the majority of the medications provided to our patients are obtained through The Medicine Mart, a local retail pharmacy, and through Welvista which is another nonprofit organization. All prescribed medications are free to our patients. The clinic does not have and does not dispense any narcotics.

Specialty On-Site Services

Specialty on-site services now offered for our patients include podiatry, pain management, physical therapy, and nutrition counseling all offered by volunteer providers. Psychological counseling is provided by Highway to Hope through Pee Dee Mental Health.

Patient Eligibility.

To become a patient at Mercy Medicine Free Clinic:

  • Medical patients must be residents of Florence, Williamsburg or, as of September 2021, Marion Counties.
  • Are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, VA (medical care), nor have private healthcare insurance.
  • Eligibility Screenings are on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

To complete an application, you must bring all that apply to you from the list below:

  • Drivers License/Picture ID
  • Proof of Address (bill with your name & address on it)
  • SS Card/Green Card
  • Proof Of All Household Income
    • Check Stubs For The Last 6 Weeks
    • Bank Statement (If money is Direct Deposited.)
    • Complete Food Stamp Printout
    • SSI/Disability/Retirement Income
    • Child Support of AFDC
    • Unemployment Award Notice
    • Last Filed Tax Return
    • Current Federal Tax Return

Make a difference. Make a decision. Magnify our Mission.

We would like to thank our partners who make it possible for us to do what we are doing every day. Through your support and collaboration, we have the ability to impact people’s lives by providing excellent services and a high degree of medical professionalism. We believe that together we can create a better community. Do you want to help magnify our mission? Partnering with us raises awareness and gives us the opportunity to help patients in need. If you would like to submit a proposal for creating a partnership, please email [email protected]. Help Magnify Mercy’s Mission and join us today!

Our Story. Enhancing Lives.

Mercy Medicine Free Clinic was originated on strong Christian values held by Dr. N.B. Baroody, Dr. Earl Jones, Dr. Myers Hicks, Dr. Harry S. Allen Jr., Dr. James Owen, and Dr. John N. Thomason, MD. These founders’ beliefs and commitment to providing healthcare to low income and uninsured individuals of Florence and Williamsburg counties while maintaining Christian principles of love, faith, and compassion have guided our path since the clinic’s inception.

On October 25, 1994, Mercy Medicine began operation and saw medical patients every Tuesday morning at the Manna House in Florence, SC. Four years later the clinic relocated to Lighthouse Ministries. In 2013 the clinic moved to our current home on 500 South Coit Street and in 2005 under the guidance of Dr. Thad Davis and Charles Greene widen its mission to also cover basic dental services. After two and a half decades of heartfelt work, Mercy Medicine Free Clinic has become an established medical center and still holds true to the founders’ vision. In 2019 just over 1600 onsite medical visits and 290 onsite dental visits resulted in lives being touched with professionalism, love, and warmth. Each connection made during these visits is only possible due to the prayerful commitment of our volunteers (who gave 1405 hours of their time), supporters, donors, and staff. Many of our patients were seen offsite by medical (about 100 visits) and dental (about 400 visits) specialists as well. We are blessed with brilliant partners and gracious donors.

After 26 years, Mercy Medicine Free Clinic continues to fulfill the vision of its founders!

Every person who gives time, resources or prayers is our hero!

Our Board

Mr. Albert A Munn IV – Chariman
Mr. Richard Harrington – Past Chairman
Mr. Mathew Langston – Treasurer
Dr. Eddie Parker – Dental Director
Dr. Steven Ross – Medical Director
Mrs. Jill Heiden Lewis

Mrs. Costa King Cockfield
Mr. Wesley Swinton
Mr. Gerald Rosenlund
Mr. Clark Reifsnider
Rev. Jason Hamshaw
Pastor Michelle Law Gordon

Rev. Michael Crawford
Mr. Keith Buckhouse
Dr. Michael Miller
Mr. Tony Derrick
Mrs. Frankie Garber, C.P.A.
Dr. David Moss

Mercy’s Leadership Team

Brian Lowe

Brian Lowe

James Grzech Mercy Medicine Clinic

James Grzech

Lead Provider
Nurse Practitioner
Debbie Hill Mercy Medicine Clinic

Debbie Hill, RN

Ruthelle Yonce Mercy Medicine

Ruthelle Yonce

Front Office and Dental
Arlene LaVigne

Arlene LaVigne

Drs Bruce and Lee Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shied South Carolina
United Way of Florence
Your financial support is needed and greatly appreciated.

We Believe. We Magnify.

Thank you for contributing to the mission of Mercy Medicine Free Clinic. If you are making a donation in honor of someone and would like us to send them an acknowledgement, please include their name and address. Have questions concerning donations? Please email us at [email protected] or call us at (843) 667-9947.

Partnership Levels

  • Platinum: $20,000 and above
  • Gold: $10,000 to $19,999
  • Silver: $5,000 to $9,999
  • Bronze: $500 to $4,999
  • Friends: $1 to $499


Mercy Medicine Free Clinic
500 South Coit Street
Florence, SC 29501

In Person

All donations can be given at the front desk.

Palmetto Peddlers

Donate any gently used furniture to Palmetto Peddlers in Mercy Medicine Free Clinic’s name and 90% of the proceeds from the sale will go towards the clinic. You can call Richard Harrington at (843) 665-8663 for information on how to donate.


You can contribute to Mercy Medicine Free Clinic as you shop on Amazon. When ordering through AmazonSmile, we will receive 0.5% of your total eligible purchase amount. It is easy to get started! Click here to begin. Or if you would like to donate routinely needed items and have them delivered directly to us, you may purchase through Amazon using this link.

Free Medical Clinic Donations


Effective immediately, Mercy Medicine is unable to accept medications donations from anyone who is not a licensed health care provider. This includes both over-the-counter and prescription varieties, even if they are unopened and unused. Also, we cannot take any prescription medical devices such as CPAP machines.


If you need to dispose of expired or unused medications, you can call your local CVS or Walgreens Pharmacy and they will direct you to their nearest drop off location.


Even though we can no longer accept these items, we greatly appreciate your generous spirit and thoughtfulness.


We can, however, still accept non-prescription medical devices such as canes and walkers. Please be sure to call the clinic before coming by with those items if possible.

Join Our Hands.

We need you! Help us provide medical care to our neighbors with love, faith and compassion. As a non-profit with about 97% of our funds going to patient care, we rely upon volunteers. If you have medical training, we have a need for you. If you have compassion, we have a need for you.


Volunteers are a critical component among the many functions of the Mercy Medicine Free Clinic. They comprise a considerable portion of our workforce which includes physicians, other healthcare providers, eligibility screeners, etc. It is safe to say that, without them, it would be virtually impossible to provide the degree of medical professionalism that we strive for every day.


If you would like to volunteer at the Mercy Medicine Free Clinic please use the form on the right.

    Type of volunteer service you are interested in.*

    *This form is not intended for submission of personal medical information.