Join Us In Doing God’s Work!

We need you! Help us provide medical care to our neighbors with love, faith and compassion. As a non-profit with approximately 97% of our funds going to patient care, we rely upon volunteers. If you have medical training, we have a need for you. If you have compassion, we have a need for you.

Volunteers are a critical component among the many functions of the Mercy Medical Free Clinics. They comprise a considerable portion of our workforce which includes physicians, other healthcare providers, eligibility screeners, etc. It is safe to say that, without them, it would be virtually impossible to provide the degree of medical professionalism that we strive for every day.

If you would like to volunteer at the Mercy Medical Free Clinics, please either complete the form below, call us or email us:

We need volunteers any time the clinic is open. At all clinic hours you can:

  • Answer the telephone and route messages
  • Complete applications for medication assistance
  • Organize/set up patient charts
  • Copy and file records
  • Contact referral sources by telephone
  • Interview new patients for eligibility
  • Enter information into the database
  • Inventory medications
  • Type letters for mailing

During clinic hours, you can:

  • Interview patients for ongoing eligibility
  • Complete applications for medication assistance
  • Prepare charts
  • Be our receptionist
  • Help in the clinic during various assigned tasks
  • Help in the pharmacy
  • Route patients and charts
  • Support the patients

Contact information:

500 S. Coit St
Florence, SC 29501
Email: Info@mercymedicalfc.org

203 Grove St
Darlington, SC 29532

500 W Carolina Ave
Hartsville, SC 29550