Patient Eligibility

To become a patient at Mercy Medical Free Clinics, medical and/or dental patients must:

• Be a resident of Florence, Darlington, Marion or Williamsburg County.

• Must not be eligible or using Medicaid or Medicare, VA (medical care) nor have private healthcare insurance. However, a patient may be eligible for dental care only even if he/she has the above federal healthcare plans. Call the clinic for more details.

• Must bring all that apply from the list below to complete an application:

    • Driver’s license/picture ID.
    • Proof of address (bill with name an address on it).
    • Proof of all household income. For example:
      • Check stubs for the last 6 weeks.
      • Bank statement (if money is direct deposited).
      • Complete Food Stamp printout.
      • SSI/Disability/Retirement income.
      • Child support of AFDC.
      • Unemployment award notice.
      • Last filed tax return.
      • Current federal tax return.
  • All patients must agree that Mercy will be his/her primary care or sole dental provider home.
  • Call or stop by the appropriate clinic to determine if you qualify.