Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a walk-in clinic?

A: No. Mercy is not a walk-in or urgent care clinic. Enrollment and an appointment are needed for care. Please contact us for further information.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Call any of our clinics, and they will help you. See “Contacts” for numbers.

Q: I am currently a patient at Hope Health under the care of a doctor, am I eligible for medical care with you?

A: No. Our rules require that Mercy be your only home for primary care.

Q: I am currently a patient at Hope Health under the care of a doctor, but I need dental work. Can you do the dental work for me?

A: We may be able to do the work depending on the procedures required and if you otherwise meet our eligibility requirements.

Q: If a patient is on Medicare or Medicaid is he/she eligible for care?

A: For medical care “no” as Medicare and Medicaid are considered insurance programs and, by definition, an enrolled patient at Mercy cannot have any type of medical insurance. However, it is possible to provide dental care for these patients if certain eligibility requirements are met.

Q: Does Mercy require its patients to make any complete payments, co-pays, or deductibles for care?

A: No. Mercy never ask its patients for any payments for care or medication support. However, for medical referrals outside of Mercy’s three sites a patient may be ask to pay for this type of care.

Q: Does Mercy see undocumented patients?

A: Yes. Mercy does now accept undocumented patients. Proof of U.S. citizenship is not required but all other qualification items must be met to include being a resident of South Carolina.